As we are well into 2015, we have an excellent opportunity to set the tone for our startups and businesses.  Do you wonder what the digital marketing trends are for 2015? Do you worry that your business is not integrating these trends for maximum return? Well, have no fear. Let’s review the top digital marketing trends and how you can incorporate them into your daily business practices.

Growth Hacking
As entrepreneurs, we typically have limited budgets for marketing our products and services. Coined in 2010, growth hacking is a fairly new marketing technique that allows businesses to gain exposure through proven techniques in a lean launch model such as SEO, web analytics, content marketing, A/B testing. AirBnB and DropBox have all used these techniques to their advantage. Find out more about growth hacking techniques here.

Wearable Technology & the Internet of Things (IoTs)
While these are incredible buzz words that seem to resonate with anyone in the digital space, we have to remember that we are still in the early days for this type of digital innovation.  Smart glasses, home automation products, and self-driving cars are still in the conceptual or beta testing phase. If you are a startup, this is a great opportunity to test new ideas in wearable and IoTs at low cost with few barriers to entry. Simply think of putting a team together by attending Meetup events, participating in a Startup Weekend, or brainstorming on your own to put your idea into action.

Emerging Social Media Networks
You may already be on the big three networks of social media – Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ - but may be wondering if you should be joining new, emerging social networks such as Ello and Tsu.  While new social networks are great, it will help to focus on networks that have an established user base, proven revenue model, and fit into your niche.

Diverse Payment Options
Over the last few years, online payment options have expanded to include credit cards, PayPal, BitCoin, and now ApplePay.  ApplePay allows you to make the exchange of money online easier. As an entrepreneur, the easier you make it for your consumers to pay, the more beneficial it may be to your business.

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